Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions - General
a.The use of this website is conditional upon acceptance and compliance with all terms listed in this Terms and Conditions ("T&C"). By accessing and using this website, you agree to be bound by this T&C including any modifications and amendments which may be posted by SESB on this website from time to time.
b.Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. ("SESB") reserves the right to amend or modify the T&C at any time without notice by posting the amended T&C on this website. Please visit https://ocs.sesb.com.my periodically to determine any changes to these T&C. Any violation of the T&C may result on immediate termination of the use and access to the Service.
c.By accessing and using this website and/or Service, you agree to accept without limitation or qualification of all of these T&C which take effect on the date which you first accesses and uses this website and Service.
d.You shall signify your agreement to the T&C and accept your responsibility for your use of the Service by clicking "I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy" ("the Agree Box") during sign up to the OCS. You should read these T&C carefully before clicking the "Agree Box" button to accept them. If you do not click the "Agree Box", you would not be registered to the Service.
1.Definitions and Interpretations
"Account"means your electricity account or accounts which you may have with SESB and may be accessed via the OCS.
"SESB"means Sabah Electricity Sendirian Berhad.
"Service", "Online Customer Service" or "OCS"refers to the following services including but not limited to:
(i) view in its current format or such other format as may be made available by SESB from time to time, the Account and any outstanding amount payable to SESB subject to the terms herein,
(ii) make payments through channel provided by dedicated banks.
"Security Access"refers to such confidential authentication information required for your access to and use of OCS or SESB Website, whether in the form of words, codes, numbers, sets of characters or such other form or combination thereof, as may be prescribed by SESB from time to time.
2.Eligibility and Signing Up
2.1This service is offered for REGISTERED CONSUMER ONLY ("Account Holder"). Any other users intending to use this Service must be authorized by the Account Holder.
2.2In the event you register on behalf of the Account Holder for this Service, you agree to be responsible for all liability in relation to your accessing and viewing of the same. You agree and undertake not to utilise such information and details contained in the Account or the OCS for any purpose other than for the payment of such Account. You shall indemnify SESB, its employees, agents, affiliate and sub-contractor against all liability which may arise in relation to your accessing, viewing and/or payment of such Account.
2.3To sign up for the Service, you must follow these steps:-
  1. Login to https://ocs.sesb.com.my
  2. Select the "create an account" link, fill in the required information such as Email Address, preferable password, Contract Account No., and NRIC No.
  3. Read the T&C. If you agree to the terms, click the Agree Box.
  4. Click the Sign Up button.
  5. You will receive an email for verification.
  6. Login with your username and password.
2.4SESB reserves the right to change the eligibility criteria and the procedures for signing up for the Service from time to time.
3.Password and Account Security
3.1You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords associated with any account being used to access or use this website and that you will be solely responsible to SESB for all activities that occur under your Account.
3.2You shall not disclose to any third party or share his/her password, if any, or use his/her login credentials and password for any unauthorized purpose.
3.3In the event you become aware of any unauthorized use of your password, OCS Security Access and/or Account, you shall notify SESB immediately in accordance to Clause 12.
3.4This Service is protected by secure servers and certain encryption techniques. However, you must take all necessary precautions to safeguard your OCS Security Access. You shall be responsible for all access and use of the Service via your OCS Security Access whether authorised by you or otherwise.
4.Contents and Materials
4.1The contents of this website are for the purpose of providing certain permitted information in relation to SESB's services. The materials on this website are intended to give general overview only to the areas covered, and in summary form if not intended to be complete or comprehensive.
4.2When using the Service:-
  • You shall not modify the contents as it appears on the website.
  • You shall not reproduce, transmit, broadcast and adapt any part of the web-page for any purpose which is not expressly permitted.
  • You do not use any information in the web-page for commercial use and/or personal gain.
  • You accept that no ownership rights arises from downloading copyrighted material.
4.3SESB endeavoured to ensure that all information is correct as at time of publication but takes no responsibility for any error, omission or defect therein. SESB and its employees, agents and consultants exclude all liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information whether or not caused by any negligent act or omission. If any law prohibits the exclusion of such liability, SESB limits its liability to the re-supply of such information.
5.Links and Hyperlinks
5.1SESB disclaims all responsibility and liability on the accuracy for the links and contents therein in this website which are owned by third party. SESB's privacy policy shall cease to apply if the related links on this website are clicked.
6.The Service
6.1SESB endeavours to provide accurate and up to date information in the OCS, however does not warrant the same. SESB shall not be liable for any error, omission or discrepancy in any information provided and shall not be responsible for any losses or damages as may be suffered by you in relation to the error, omission or discrepancy.
6.2You shall verify the accuracy of all information and details in the Account. In the event you discover any error, omission or discrepancy, you shall notify SESB immediately in accordance to Clause 12.
6.3Payment made is not updated automatically. Please allow processing time to update your Account.
7.Intellectual Property Rights
Copyright © 2013, SABAH ELECTRICITY SDN. BHD. All rights reserved.
7.1All content and information available on the Service is the property of SESB or third party trademark and is protected by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, including the elements of this website, its design and layout. Your usage of this Service does not grant you any licence or right to use any of those intellectual properties without the express written approval of SESB or to the respective third party. You may not modify, translate, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to derive the source code for the computer systems and other technology that operate this website and/or OCS or create derivative works based on this website and/or OCS.
7.2Unless the prior written consent of SESB or the relevant third party proprietor of the intellectual property rights has been obtained, any unauthorised reproduction, retransmission, copying or modification of any of the contents of this website and/or OCS may be in breach of statutory or common law rights which could be the subject of legal action. SESB disclaims all liability which may arise from any unauthorised reproduction or use of the contents of this website and/or OCS.
7.3SESB do not control or endorse the content of third party websites.
8.1You hereby irrevocably agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SESB, its affiliates, and their respective directors, shareholders, employees, agents or subcontractors from and against all loss, damage, claims or expenses, including legal fees, arising out of the use of this website and/or this Service by you in breach of this T&C.
9.System Integrity
9.1You shall not use any mechanism, device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of this website or OCS. You agree not to infect this website and/or OCS with any computer programming routine that may damage, interfere with, delay intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information.
10.Limitation of Liability
10.1Unless otherwise provided in this T&C, you agree to indemnify and keep SESB indemnified from and against all claims, losses and liabilities, cost and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees) arising directly or indirectly by you out of the breach of this T&C or any third party rights.
10.2SESB does not represent or warrant a continuous and/or uninterrupted access to the Service. The Service is provided on an "as is" basis and there is no guarantee or warranty to its performance, availability, content or functions. In addition, SESB disclaims all warranties, guarantees and representations made in relation to this Service whether impliedly or expressly.
10.3SESB shall not be responsible and liable for any loss and damage suffered by you in relation to defect, inaccuracies, errors, delays, interruptions, and corruption, loss and error in any data, unauthorised use of the Service and/or intrusion and attack on this website and/or OCS and any event beyond the reasonable control of SESB.
11.Termination and Suspension
11.1SESB reserves the right to terminate this Service at any time without notice and for any reason. SESB also reserves the right to terminate your access to this Service without notice and in its own discretion in the occurrence of the following:-
  • You have violated the T&C or any notice posted from time to time in this website;
  • Any law, regulation, or governmental direction rendering all or any part of this website or Service (or your use of this Service) unlawful or impracticable; or
  • Your use of this website or Service impairs or threatens to impair the integrity or functionality of SESB's server or network in any manner.
SESB shall not be liable to you or any third party for any termination of your access to this Service.
11.2If at any time you do not agree to this T&C including any amendments made thereafter, you may cease using the Service by deregistering all Accounts currently registered under the Service. Your continuous usage of this Service is deemed as your acceptance to the T&C including any amendments made thereafter.
12.Queries and Complaints
12.1For all queries, complaints and/or disputes arising from your access and use of the Service, please refer the matter to SESB in the "Contact Us" section as stipulated in this website at http://www.sesb.com.my or call SESB One Stop Customer Centre: 1-800-88-1135.
13.1If any term or provision of this T&C be declared invalid or unenforceable by any Malaysian authority or court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this T&C other than those as to which it is declared invalid or unenforceable shall not be affected and thereby shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
14.1No waiver on the part of SESB of enforcing any terms or provisions under this T&C shall be deemed a waiver of any SESB's rights to any preceding, continuing or subsequent breach of this T&C.
15.Law and Jurisdiction
15.1The Service provided herein is governed under the Laws of Malaysia and you hereby consent to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in, and the venue is hereby stipulated to be Sabah, Malaysia.